Croton Petra Plant

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Product Description

Croton Petra plant is scientifically known as Codiaeum Variegatum. It is an evergreen shrub. It is a part of the Euphorbiaceae family It is a bright attractive green household plant with shades of yellow, orange, and red across the leaves.  The vibrant colors of the plant create a pleasing atmosphere.

  • Croton Petra is one of the best choices to decorate your workspace, home or garden.
  • Croton Petra is widely used for ornamental purposes.
  • Croton Petra is an indoor, as well as an outdoor plant, but it is suggested to keep the plant indoors during cold winters.
  • The plant blooms in summer.
  • It is easy to care and grow the plant, hence it is known as a low maintenance plant.
  • The leaves of the plant can be identified as a wide oval shape, dense and coarse.